An Industry 4.0 product which is enjoying great interest and recognition from our clients who, thanks to SCADA-MES, optimise production and associated costs, gaining an advantage over their competition.

Developing SCADA-MED, we aimed to offer manufacturing business a system which would:

Be mobile

You can view real time reports from any device using a web browser

Be flexible

Individual sets allow SCADA-MES to be used in any production company, regardless of the industry, size and technology used.

Offer the possibillity of integration

SCADA-MES can be integrated with any ERP, MRP system or operate without them.

The solution is dedicated to manufacturing companies – but above all, it allows better business management and optimisation of production work.

SCADA-MES consists of ready-made modules that can be freely configured and adapted to the current needs and requirements of the Client:

Aplixcom: SCADA-MES

Supervision and visualisation of production in real time.

Aplixcom: Traceability

Product tracking history.

Aplixcom: Scheduler

Graphic production planning

Aplixcom: CMMS

Dedicated Maintenance tool.

Aplixcom: Charts and Reports

Report generating platform.

8 reasons why your business should use SCADA-MES:

Easier optimisation and savings resulting from a thorough analysis of production data.

Possibility of eliminating a paper document flow.

SCADA-MES is a system which can easily be implemented at any manufacturing company, regardless of the sector, size and technology used thanks to readymade sets fit for various production technologies.


Possible preview of processes and statistics from any device using a web browser


It can interact with any ERP system or alone, individual modules can also be implemented separately.

The ability to create product creation history, eliminate defects and meet production requirements by subcontractors.

Faster response to faults, downtime and smooth operation of the Maintenance department.

Intuitive and flexible production planning.

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