For over 20 years, we have providing IT services for small, medium and large businesses from the manufacturing and trade sectors, and many more.
The professional know-how of our experts supported by many years of experience translates into the trust and satisfaction of our Clients.

We serve over 100 companies which hire from several dozen to 2,000 employees. Our solutions have already found application in the following industries:

  • automotive
  • plastics processing
  • metal
  • electrotechnical
  • food (meat processing, confectionery production)
  • chemical
  • laboratory / academic
  • energetic
  • financial and commercial

Our Clients are business which are widely known on both the Polish and international market.

Amongst the long list of Clients who recommend our company, we present selected references:


“To constantly maintain our production at the highest level, we decided to use a system for monitoring and visualising the work of machines on production – Aplixcom: SCADA-MES. The tool allows you to improve production processes and maintain the high quality of manufactured products. Automatic data download directly from the machines in real time provides us with accurate and quick knowledge on the progress of production. The graphic form showing the layout of individual technological operations and tasks facilitates the coordination of various processes. Employees always have access to current documents in an electronic version displayed on a computer or tablet screen directly at the workplace. (…) We collect a number of reports on machine operation time, downtime, changes, failures or load.
The choice of SCADA-MES was affected by, among others rich functionality, the ability to download data from any machine on production by various methods, easy integration with any ERP class system. Due to the specificity of production, it was crucial for us to be able to fully adapt the system to our needs and flexibility of the solution.”

Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Board – Dominik Fryczyński

“As part of the project, we have established cooperation with Aplixcom Ltd, with considerable experience in implementing IT systems on both the Polish and international markets. (…)
The design team of Aplixcom Ltd reacted quickly and professionally, aiming to launch electronic exchange of documents between our company and clients. (…)
We esteem professionalism and competence of specialists who participated in the implementation of the above project. The team showed great flexibility in cooperation and quick response to our comments. We are happy to recommend the services of Aplixcom Ltd We hope for further cooperation and development thanks to the tools created by Aplixcom Ltd”

President of the Board, MSc Ewa Dzierbunowicz

“The project has been successfully completed. A group of specialists coped with all difficulties perfectly. Aplixcom Ltd is solid and competent, fulfils the concluded contracts and always helps in adapting the offer to the Client’s needs.
We hope to continue this fruitful cooperation in the coming years, we recommend cooperation with Aplixcom Ltd in the field of IT systems implementation to all interested parties.”

Konrad Hulecki, Nifco Poland Sp. z o.o.

“The Aplixcom Ltd Team was quick and professional in proposing, delivering and implementing a modern IT solution that was crucial for our company to improve the quality of services provided to our Clients.
Thanks to this solution, the security and stability of our company’s business processes will correspond to our business. We are happy to recommend the services of Aplixcom Ltd”

Adam Bojkowski, Eurofoam Polska Sp. z o.o.

“The team has shown vast knowledge, professionalism and high flexibility in the performance of entrusted tasks, which ascertained that for Aplixcom Ltd, no tasks are impossible.”

Gabriela Stępień, Dr Schneider Automotive Polska Sp. z o.o.

“We are fully satisfied with the cooperation with employees of Aplixcom Ltd, great commitment as well as reliability and professionalism in carrying out works allowed for the implementation of individual stages in accordance with the concluded contract.
Personal culture, knowledge and professionalism of employees of Aplixcom Ltd leave us in no doubt that we were correct in our choice of company that has allowed us to focus on the implementation of our basic tasks, leaving IT in the hands of professionals.“


Marcin Makowski, Izo Blok S.A.