Standard Audit File for Tax with Aplixcom application

WMeeting halfway the requirements of Tax Ordinance, we have prepared a web version of the Aplixcom app: SAF-T, which allows you to generate and create Standard Audit Files for Tax.

Our tools permit the integration with any ERP system, such as Infor, SAP, Microsoft, Comarch, IFS, as well as with other, more unusual systems, e.g. based on the IBM iSeries (AS/400) platform. Thanks to this, you can generate the corresponding SAF-T file for the defined period, monitor it with the option of supplementing data as well as report missing data and data transmission in electronic format required by the law.

Aplixcom: SAF-T can generate files which contain data from:

Accounting ledgers

Bank statements


Records of VAT purchase and sale

VAT invoices

Revenue records

The distinguishing feature of the solution by Aplixcom is the possibility to modify and fully tailor the system to the Client’s requirements, regardless of the owned ERP solution or another software functioning in the company.

Aplixcom: SAF-T is a web application installed on the Client’s PC server. Access is possible via any web browse.

The system is constantly enhanced and adapted to the current requirements published by the Ministry of Finance.

JPKThe basic functionalities of Aplixcom: SAF-T:

Web application: Installed on the Client’s PC server, access is possible through any web browser.

Downloading data from the ERP or MS Excel system.

Downloading data from ERP system files:

  • downloading the entity’s base data,
  • downloading data from warehouse documents,
  • downloading data based on the mapping provided by the Client,
  • downloading data via the ODBC driver.

Notification of missing data:

  • notification structure determined on the basis of pre-implementation analysis,
  • notification via report, email.

Ability to fill in missing data by the user.

Registering log files:

  • Aplixcom system: SAF-T registers every change entered into the app, recording information in corresponding log files.
  • registration of the history of generated SAF-T files,
  • saving and archiving JPK_MAG file in XML on a file server.

File encryption: The generated XML file is encrypted and it is not possible to view its content by any system user. File decryption is possible only by a user with respective permissions (ManagerUser).

Authorisation check: Generating a SAF-T file and making changes in the uncompleted fields will be possible by a system user with appropriate permissions..

If you are interested in the precise technical specification of our system or you would like to ask us another question, use the contact form below. Also feel free to call us. We will be more than happy to talk about what we can do for your business and its performance..