IBM servers

IBM Systems and IBM System Storage TM servers offer solid support for every industry and size of Infor infrastructure environment. The award-winning products come with a range of optional services covering almost everything you need to satisfy your ever-growing business needs.

IBM Power Systems provides the highest degree of flexibility regardless of highly integrated Infor ERP systems and the ability to configure and implement industry best practices. IBM Power Systems together with Infor ERP achieve the lowest operating costs and the lowest technological and business risk for the organization, while providing investment protection to meet current and future business needs.

IBM i – AS/400, iSeries, iSystem are easy to manage, integrated business servers which comprise solid platforms for running Infor solutions. They are designed from the ground up to reduce costs and simplify the management of various applications and operating systems.

IBM System p – AIX Linux Servers is based on open UNIX® standards. It allows you to run IBM Power applications for business needs. It is equipped with the most efficient POWER6 processor. AIX, combined with PowerVM virtualization technologies, allows enterprises to consolidate workloads on fewer servers to increase performance and save energy.

IBM BladeCenter® plays a major role in the Infor environment. It integrates Infor applications and servers with databases, stores and reduces network complexity. It simplifies management and reduces power and cooling costs through flexible and high scalability. You can choose between the high-quality Intel® Xeon®, IBM POWER TM range and AMD Opteron TM processors

IBM System xTM is an excellent Infor application and database server. IBM System x as reliable Windows® and Linux® servers are designed to reduce energy consumption while scaling quickly, easily and inexpensively. Ideally suited to large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses that need power, critical performance, greater scalability, enhancement of the management system and reliability at an affordable price.

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