InterForm400® provides full freedom in the design, management and distribution of documents. It handles the flow of all documents in cooperation with iSeries, without requiring any reprogramming of the application.

Using InterForm400 could yield the following benefits:

Time savings – it optimizes and reduces manual printer usage and faxing.

Flexibility and adaptability – easy update of documents in line with the company’s change and growth.

Simplicity – all documents are printed on the same letterhead.

Readability of documents – the use of personalized forms, bar codes, signatures and logos.

Administrative savings – managing print archiving and distribution, avoiding the production of office waste.

Reduction of postal costs and fax sending – converting documents to PDF files and sending them by e-mail.

Additional possibilities include:

  • no problem with additional costs associated with operating additional servers,
  • the ability to print in PCL, ZPL, PDF formats on any printer, without the need for IGPS,
  • internal Unicode support,
  • graphic format editor of documents with graphics and bar codes support,
  • the ability to use it on any existing iSeries solution
  • own database of email addresses for sending or the possibility of using data existing in the customer’s system.

Additional modules:

  • InterArchive400 – the ability to archive documents compliant with Polish standards,
  • InterExcel400 – data export to MS Excel,
  • InterWord400 – data export to MS Word,
  • Digital Signature & PDF Security – sending digitally signed documents in PDF format,
  • InterFax400 – graphic prints of faxes,
  • WinPrint – the ability to print on any printer,
  • Definition of e-mail completion – the ability to create an e-mail split definition.

InterFormNG (New Generation) is software that allows you to format, distribute and archive reports on Windows operating systems. This solution gives the user full freedom in designing, managing and distributing documents. It helps you manage the flow of all files, without requiring any reprogramming of your applications.

The key features:

It runs under Windows – successful tests on IBM and AIX.

Based on Java system.

It accepts XML files (directory monitors).

It supports many printing formats (PostScript, PCL and ZPL as well as e-mails)

It has a very flexible structure, thanks to which it easily adapts to specific customer requirements (plugins and scripts).

A new way of design overlays (templates).

It works without license codes (trial version).

If you are interested in the precise technical specification of our system or you would like to ask us another question, use the contact form below. Also feel free to call us. We will be more than happy to talk about what we can do for your business and its performance.