Infor ERP XPPS / XPERT Automotive

Infor ERP XPPS / XPERT Automotive is an IT system for company management dedicated specifically for automotive industry businesses. Until now, only the largest Automotive suppliers have used this system, but currently, thanks to service optimisation, it has also been adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

Thanks to the Infor ERP XPPS / XPERT Automotive system, the information flow is clearer and more structured, which enables quick and more precise decision-making. Multilingualism, multi-currency and the ability to create any structures of enterprise groups with independent production and logistics processes in the system makes it ideally suited for companies operating in different locations, having global supply chains and obliged to meet OEM requirements or other Automotive suppliers from TIER 0.5 to TIER 3. Efficient handling of communication and documents in many languages and currencies facilitates all management processes in the business.

The Infor ERP XPPS / XPERT Automotive system features:

Advanced production planning and optimization module APS – Advanced Production Scheduling. This makes it easier to adapt the production plan to frequent changes in orders and the availability of production resources and measures. The system automatically analyses the available resources and offers a visual representation of various scenarios for the implementation of orders and technological operations in line with previously defined priorities.

Built-in EDI electronic document exchange service. Documents that pass through EDI are interpreted in the ERP system accordingly and fully integrated with it. The exchange of EDI data with clients and suppliers (schedules, calls, confirmation of delivery terms and dates, invoices, selfbilling, orders, delivery notes) is carried out in accordance with the VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT standards. Access to the online system allows you to verify what the customer has invoiced.

Performance Management module that allows ongoing tracking of strategic and operational data from production, logistics, finance and controlling as well as immediate response when needed. This module also offers remote access to specific information, such as on the status of the order for specific customers.

What do you gain by choosing Infor ERP XPPS / XPERT Automotive?

Clear and fast information flow

Adaptation to companies operating in various locations

Process streamlining

Quick return on investment

The Infor ERP XPPS / XPERT Automotive system supports standard processes such as:

  • full registration and archiving of technological data up to 20 years back,
    meeting the quality requirements in force in Automotive: QS, VDA 6.2, ISO,
  • preconfigured production and logistics processes in accordance with the requirements of more than 100 various OEM groups, TIER3, TIER2, TIER1, TIER 0.5, including documents, labels, processing orders and shipments as well as settlements with self-invoicing (Selfbilling VW GM, Autofaktura FIAT and others) according to EU regulations and Polish financial law,
  • supply chain management (SCM) thanks to full EDI integration, built-in WMS warehouse management support with FIFO, LIFO and series support,
  • replacement and version management, management of loading means,
  • traceability – full genealogy of the production process,
  • document and label generator with a packet of ready formats for internal and external ODETTE, VDA, EDIFACT as well as full support of bar codes thanks to stationery and radio scanners,
  • automatic evaluation of suppliers according to Automotive standards – assessment of timeliness, implementation accuracy and quality according to the PPM indicator.

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