Infor ERP System 21 (iBusiness)

Infor ERP System21 (iBusiness) is an independent, highly specialized solution for the industry containing functionalities that meet the requirements at the stage of product design, assignment of goods for ordering, production, distribution and customer service. Its purpose is to provide information that helps companies:

Monitor and control processes in real time


Optimize processes on a regular basis

Use it for a number of users from 4 to 2,500

Infor ERP System21 (iBusiness) helps over 1,000 companies around the world manage the complexity of their product lines and supply chain and achieve sustainable business success.

Benefits of implementing Infor ERP System21:

Reduced lead time from design and production to product launch from 26 to 5 weeks.

Ability to manage over 70,000 SKUs (storage units) based on a multidimensional database.

Much more efficient business operations based on the integration of design, development and production.

Streamlining in the processes of coordinating shipments, orders and deliveries.

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