Achieve operational excellence and be ready for changes with Infor ERP LN

Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) allows for efficient and productive mastering of even a very complex production network. The ability to model business processes permits for management of the most complex processes such as “from order to payment”, “from design to production” and “from purchase to payment”.

You also receive a business solution that supports unique processes – from making executive decisions to the most detailed technical requirements. On top of that, our innovative technology is entering new levels of usability and connectivity so that you are ready to expand your business in a cost-effective way and adapt to changes quickly.

What do you gain thanks to Infor ERP LN?

A detailed picture of the entire enterprise and all its resources. You will receive information and tools that will help you ensure that your inventory and production capacity are not passive in one location, while works are carried out overtime to meet customer requirements in others.

Detailed supply chain planning. You will be able to allocate inventory and optimise performance at the enterprise, department or plant level.


Better control of subcontractors’ work. Thanks to ERP Enterprise you will get an accurate picture of all the ordered processes and you will be able to include the work time of subcontractors as part of your work plan.

A flexible production model that you can change yourself. ERP Dynamic Enterprise Modelling allows you to customise business processes to suit your needs, at your own discretion, to increase operational efficiency or strengthen cooperation with customers and suppliers.

A system that connects everything together. Infor ION technology provides innovative unification options. Connect all your applications, regardless of whether they are Infor solutions or third-party programs – and combine them all in the “cloud”.

The ability to work on any system. You don’t have to transition your systems for better results. You can use any platform as ERP Enterprise runs on every major operating system, database and hardware platform.


Faster deployment

The system is equipped with an implementation accelerator, i.e. a pre-configured setup dedicated to a given industry.

This gives you certainty of optimal configuration of the system already at the beginning; the need for changes and modifications during the project will be reduced to almost zero. This significantly affects the time, cost and risk of correct implementation and system operation.

If you are interested in the precise technical specification of our system or you would like to ask us another question, use the contact form below. Also feel free to call us. We will be more than happy to talk about what we can do for your business and its performance.