Infor ERP BI (Business Intelligence)

By using Infor’s previously developed analytics, the user gets a better insight into the company’s key operations based on the role they play in the organization.

Accounting and Finance The tool helps to balance strong customer relationships with cash flow management by analysing receivables, customer credit, self-assessment of receivables, impact of receivables cash and organizational efficiency of receivables accounting. On top of that, the system also balances strong supplier relationships with cash flow management by analysing liabilities, the status of the accounts of suppliers to whom you are due payments, cash flow to liabilities and the organizational efficiency of accounting for liabilities. The tool provides convenient access to key financial measures, budgets, assets, liabilities, cash flow information by analysing financial performance, budgets, key financial indicators and operational efficiency.

Asset Management –  The tool optimizes the availability and reliability of assets by tracking and analysing asset performance, maintenance costs, warranty claims, planned and unplanned maintenance, maintenance contracts, and many other processes.

Customer Relationship Management – It allows you to create a unified customer image and focus on: customer acquisition and retention, cross-selling and additional sales, call centre efficiency, noncore services effectiveness and the quote-to-order process efficiency (from price offer to order)

Executive This tool – allows for better insight into the organization’s operation thanks to the use of previously prepared administrative panels for tracking and analysing key performance indicators, enables observation whether the organization’s strategy is being implemented and what is the effect, if necessary using the drill-down function (switching from summary data to detailed data), and receiving early warnings in the form of alerts in the event that the results of the company’s activities show a positive or negative deviation from the expected ones.

Inventory –  The tool allows you to investigate investment inventory, returns and material movements through analysis including inventory review and valuation, inventory demand, material reservations, storage and inventory forecasting to optimize cash flow and performance.

Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management – The solution permits better insight into purchasing power, quantities, production components and reliability of suppliers through the analysis of expenditure and demand for production components, supplier activities, supply process efficiency and organizational efficiency of supply.

Production – The tool enables you to manage operations and costs through better visibility of the sequence of use and costs of production components, time needed for delivery, quality and profitability, as well as organizational efficiency.

Sales – The solution allows the use of previously developed analyses of the functional performance of sales, sales to customers, product sales, efficiency of sales organization and mail order efficiency.

Infor combines innovative technological solutions with its knowledge and experience to provide the user with tools and analysis tailored to his business and needs.

Which industries is Infor BI dedicated to?

Distribution –  The solution offers a better insight into supply chain efficiency, supplier reliability, warehouse operations efficiency, labour and transport costs, customer satisfaction and more

Education / Government – The tool permits the integration of information so that it is possible to measure, monitor and report programs, services and finances that are important to the company, ensuring responsibility and increasing the transparency of activities inside and outside the organization

Financial Services – This solution offers the opportunity to analyse costs and processes of customer acquisition and retention, customer profitability, offer efficiency, operational profitability, risk rate, and many others, thus providing a more complete picture of the customer and operations.

Healthcare – Thanks to Infor solutions, you can analyse and search for ways to optimize areas such as the use of assets and equipment, effectiveness of patient care, revenue streams and cycles, productivity, employee retention, supplier activities, market share, as well as the effectiveness of programs and services.

Hospitality / Entertainment It allows to maintain growth and efficiency of operations in the 24×7 system, measures customer value, identifying trends and patterns, modelling his preferences and behaviour, creating effective and accurate promotions, forecasting demand, optimizing prices, analysing workforce efficiency and service levels, and identifying areas for improvement.

Life Sciences With this application, you can analyse your supply chain, business processes, development cycles, asset utilization and key operational data in real time, all to ensure efficient management in a high risk and fast-paced environment.

Manufacturing The solution allows you to analyse the duration of assets, productivity, inventory movements, quality, product demand, sales trends, supplier activities, material costs of production components, product margins, shipping efficiency, warranty claims and others, thus ensuring the company’s competitiveness in the global market.

Retail A solution that allows you to analyse sales, returns, inventory, purchasing trends, the effectiveness of marketing programs, the reliability of sellers, the efficiency of staff and storage, and other key factors that contribute to maintaining profits and maximizing customer value.

Telecommunications The solution allows reducing the number of unnecessary activities and increasing the average income per user, thanks to which the user gains a better view of supply costs, retention rates, service levels, call centre efficiency, customer satisfaction rates, price efficiency, the likely impact of new offers and more.

Utilities / Energy / Gas and Oil The solution allows you to improve profitability, control costs and reduce risk by gaining insight into factors such as project costs, returns from exploration and development, use of assets, fulfilling orders and service efficiency, costs and efficiency of transport, costs and reliability of suppliers, compliance with regulations, and operational efficiency.

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