:The mission which we are driven by is simple: We want to provide the best tools for managing, streamlining and supporting production processes so that companies can produce more, better and optimise their expenses

.We are a software business. In our work, we are guided by values such as:




We love challenges which is expressed in the principle that the Client’s success is also our success. For that reason, we do absolutely everything we can so that our Clients feel the positive effects of implementing our systems as soon as possible.



The composition of our team is not accidental. Everyone, regardless of their function, plays a very important role in the Company’s mission. We employ people who turn their passion into our joint successes.



.We always think about what we can improve or streamline. Thanks to this, our systems are very efficient and prepared for application in many sectors.

We have been operating in our current form since the beginning of 2009, however, the expertise which we have gathered for over 2 decades allows us to meet the needs of various companies as best we can We employ qualified and certified specialists with 20 years of implementation experience of the SCADA-MES, ERP, EDI, PM systems. We have successfully completed many projects, with particular emphasis on:


Finance and accounting

Production management


Warehouse management


From the very beginning we stake on the quality and universality of our systems. Thanks to the construction based on dedicated sets, our software can be implemented in any manufacturing company.

Our assets:

Experience gained in domestic and foreign projects.

Own EDI centre and Data Centre.

Dedicated solutions.

In-depth knowledge of the industry and standards.

We will be more than happy to talk about what we can do for your business and its performance. Fill out the form below or call us now: